Eerie Pen And Paper Atmosphere

Atmosphere Free Music Atmosphere Dark Eerie Night Rain Soundtrack

A wizard, a barbarian and a dwarf meet in a tavern. This isn't the setup for a good joke, this is where adventures usually start. Why does it always have to be dark and rainy outside when this happens? Why...

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Take The Early Shuttle to Mars

Free Music Soundtrack Atmosphere Blade Runner Soundtrack Synth

Khalem muttered a curse, mostly for the benefit of his own worldcom AI implant. The rain was pouring down in insultingly large drops, as if to mock him for standing outside at all, and on top of the DarCorp building,...

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70ies Funky Mood

Free Music Guitar Atmosphere Bass Drums Flight Free Music Guitar Handywork Organ Synth

We just released a new free to use Electro-Funky track. This track is ideally suited for supporting handwork scenes. Think woodwork or repairing electronic gadgets. It's also great for anything with a relaxed mood like blimp flight, slow motion imagery...

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