Five Minute Hippo Music

Welcome to our website. We at Five Minute Hippo Music produce instrumental music with content creators in mind.

Commercial Use

Are you a professional video editor, music supervisor, videographer, video producer or marketing associate looking for that perfect musical support for your visuals? We have something for you. In fact, if you're pressed for time, simply scroll down to preview our current Library/Sync Music portfolio on the AudioJungle platform or click the button to be forwarded to our portfolio on that platform.

Sync Music Portfolio

Non-commercial Use

If you're just starting out with your YouTube channel and are looking for music to download and use without up-front payment, we've got you covered, too. Check out our Free Music section. You can find just the right tune here, ready to be downloaded immediately. The same care has gone into these tracks as the commercial music. Please enjoy.

Free Music Section

Why Five Minute Hippo?

Google, that's why

If you remember hippo, our branding is working.

Five Minute Hippo is like five minute noodles. Without the noodles. With a hippo. We wanted a branding which was memorable and which customers wouldn't confuse with other music producers. So we picked the hippopotamus, an animal known for its delicate stature and virtuosity on nearly every musical instrument in western culture. Obvious choice, we know.

So, remember to google 'hippo production music' and you'll always be able to find us.

Meet the makers

In the beginning, there was..

Five Minute Hippo Music is situated in the "golden triangle of volkswagen", right in between the Wolfsburg headquarters, the Hannover commercial vehicles factory, and Financial Services in Braunschweig.

Now in the early days of Five Minute Hippo, all music is produced by its founder, Gero Baier. Further cooperations are in preparation to offer you a wider range of musical styles. If you don't find the right fit now, do come back, we add new music on a regular basis.

See Portfolio on Audiojungle

What else do you do?

Mixing and Production

We are passionate about music. Our own music as well as the music of upcoming artists.

We'll soon be accepting requests for mixing and production work of artists whose music excites us and where we feel we can contribute to a commercially successful sound with our experience.

Delayed due to the pandemic

How to license our music for your videos

We currently work with AudioJungle exclusively. There, you can easily purchase licenses scaling from use in YouTube videos, all the way up to broadcast and theatrical film at very competitive rates.