Free Music Terms of Use

Here is the deal we’re proposing. All music in this section of our website is free to download and use in non-commercial settings. We’d love for you to use it, because we want our music to be heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What does non-commerical mean?

It means that you don’t earn any money from youtube or other sources (=monetization) with our music. We enjoy watching free content on YouTube and know that everything is better with good music. Ours is for free if your videos are for free.

(2) How can you give it away for free?

We want our music to be heard. That’s why we compose, record, mix, master and release it. A lot of time and creativity goes into producing our music, so it better be entertaining folks.

We do, however, secure our music against unlicensed commercial use and outright theft with a company called AdRev. What they do is collect money from advertisements which are played before your video starts. So if you do get views with your video, we receive a small split of the revenue as the creators of the music.

Also, AdRev make sure nobody else simply takes our music and starts claiming it on YouTube. Sounds strange, but unfortunately, there are people out there doing exactly that. So if we don’t secure our music with AdRev, they will.

When you upload a video with our music, you’ll get an automatic copyright notice. This is NOT a copyright strike. This will not affect your ability to post videos on YouTube. You’re not doing anything illegal. It’s just telling you that AdRev are doing their job.

More information about AdRev:

(3) I like a track, I want to monetize the video with your music

Working on it. We’ll be back with a solution.