Take The Early Shuttle to Mars

Free Music Soundtrack Atmosphere Blade Runner Soundtrack Synth

Khalem muttered a curse, mostly for the benefit of his own worldcom AI implant. The rain was pouring down in insultingly large drops, as if to mock him for standing outside at all, and on top of the DarCorp building, out on the shuttle platform, no less. The deafening noise of an entire ocean rushing towards the ground would have drowned out anything he said, no matter how loudly, and nobody was here to listen, anyway. So he kept cursing but didn’t feel relieve.

‘If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, did it make a sound at all?’ And what about scum like him giving critical commentary on the weather which, for all intents and purposes, never really changed, anyways?

Lorgh give me strength, who on Mars designed this furry platform? How come we can overcome gravity but we can’t build a bluddy roof so people don’t get soaked to their bones waiting for a gordamn shuttle? What about a waiting hall? An umbrella?’

Of course, convenience hadn’t even been a consideration during the layout of this absurd contraption. It was designed for stealth. For reasons way above his paygrade, nobody outside the company even knew of its existence, and only a very select few inside it.

The platform automatically formed within minutes out of the matter of the building’s facade, and as soon as the shuttle had deployed its cargo, the facade would retake its original form.

There had to be a better way. Just throw the stuff out of an airlock, no reason for him to risk a cold out here! Oh well.

This wasn’t the first time that he wondered about how these couriers had stayed unnoticed this long, but they had. While the heavy rains probably took care of any optical, infrared or acoustic detection, the magnetic or at the very least the antigrav-sensors of the governet should have alerted the authorities years ago. And yet, no investigation had ever taken place, as far as he could tell. Once a month, the shuttle arrived, cargo was received, the shuttle left. End of story.

The egg-heads in the lab had to have worked some incredibly sophisticated techmagic to prevent detection for this long. And he wasn’t complaining about their work in regards to security. But about that roof… How come none of those smartie-pants had taken care of this basic necessity? Well, ten more minutes and he was back indoors…

We just released this new free to download Electronic track. It is heavily influenced by 80s electronic music and modular synthesizer performances alike. And the images it paints in our heads are of a dark, dirty, always rainy dystopia in Science Fiction movies like Blade Runner. We’re fans, that’s all.

Instrumentation is:
– synths
– electronic drums

No vocals.

As always, please note the terms of use and enjoy!

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash