Eerie Pen And Paper Atmosphere

Atmosphere Free Music Atmosphere Dark Eerie Night Rain Soundtrack

A wizard, a barbarian and a dwarf meet in a tavern. This isn’t the setup for a good joke, this is where adventures usually start. Why does it always have to be dark and rainy outside when this happens? Why can’t you just enjoy a glass of beer without meeting someone who on the one hand has a serious problem to solve and is looking for mercenaries to hire, yet on the other hand is notoriously underfunded for the task? And why does this type of person, creature, whatever, continue to think that just alluding to a treasure to be split after the deed is good enough to get you to leave the relative comfort of one fireplace across the room, a stale and somewhat foul tasting and ridiculously overpriced beverage and… okay, face it, you would leave this place in a heartbeat with anyone who dares talking to you. And as you sit there, brooding, minding your own business and praying to the Elevated to get you out of here, a small, slender woman approaches the bar…

We just released this instrumental track which is ideally suited as the background to your pen and paper campaign. Just let it play in the background and reload every 15 minutes.