French Love Story

Advertising Free Music Piano Soundtrack Bitter-sweet Longing Love Romance

Love is like an ice cream. Like a rollercoaster. Like bungee jumping. Like watching the sunset. We just released this instrumental track which is ideally suited for the quiet moments and romance imagery. An acoustic piano is augmented with strings,...

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Ghost Writer

Free Music Piano Soundtrack Cinematic Emotional Piano

Everybody had gone to sleep two hours ago and it had grown quiet in the house as the ghost writer began typing on his 1932 Royal Model O manual typewriter. At first slowly and carefully, he wrote the first chapter...

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Watchmaker’s Dream

Advertising Free Music Piano Soundtrack Toys Fairy Tale Fantasy Journey Music Box Orchestral Soundtrack Watchmaker

It was the days before Christmas. Harold, the old watchmaker, had decided to ignore the lack of daylight, or really any light at all, outside. Against the frost and snow in the small cobble stone street that lead by his...

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