Watchmaker’s Dream

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It was the days before Christmas. Harold, the old watchmaker, had decided to ignore the lack of daylight, or really any light at all, outside. Against the frost and snow in the small cobble stone street that lead by his workshop and storefront, he had lighted a fire and the crackling of burning wood brought an element of chaos to the otherwise perfectly synchronised ensemble of ticking clocks and mechanical watches.

His neighbour, Ms. Applesmith, had come in earlier with a last-minute urgent request. An old music box which had been in her extended family for generations, had become stuck and she intended to get it repaired so that she could present it to her grand-daughter for Christmas. Harold, ever the gentleman and helpful to a fault, had promised to solve the problem by the next day. So he sat in his workshop and systematically disassembled the item, cleaned its gears and put it back together.

When all was back at its place, he started winding up the old music box. Immediately, a melody filled the room, somewhat familiar. Harold let out a sigh of relief. He would be able to keep his promise. And then, overcome with exhaustion, his mind started drifting and when sleep embraced him with open arms, he went on a journey.

We just released this new free to download cinematic track. It tells the story of the old watchmaker, with a distinct fantasy element to it.

Instrumentation is:
– music box
– piano
– strings
– brass
– orchestral percussion
– church organ
– synth

No vocals.

As always, please note the terms of use and enjoy!

Photo by Jiyeon Park on Unsplash