Ghost Writer

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Everybody had gone to sleep two hours ago and it had grown quiet in the house as the ghost writer began typing on his 1932 Royal Model O manual typewriter. At first slowly and carefully, he wrote the first chapter and after a few minutes, he found his rhythm and stopped thinking about what his fingers were doing. His characters came alive and started telling him their lives’ stories and he wove in the information his client had given him during the most recent of their interviews.

This track is based on a Celeste and a Dulcitone keyboard instruments. The first edit is just the keyboard part, the second edit adds strings, hand percussion and some atmospheric synth elements.

No vocals. The download contains a version with additional instruments as demonstrated in the YouTube video, as well as a Piano-only version.

As always, please note the terms of use and enjoy!

Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash