The Club With No Name

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There is no sleep. Not for you. Not anymore. You wander the city streets looking for that ultimate distraction. You have so much time when you don’t sleep. Nobody should have so much time at their hands. But here we are, no sleep, no rest for the wicked.

There are rumors. Rumors of a place, so underground that it doesn’t even have a name. Not the ‘we-won’t-tell-you-the-name’ sort of business, but the ‘no-one-can-ever-find-out’ kind. It’s not illegal as long as it’s invisible to the public.

You don’t need a name if you don’t want to attract the rich, the healthy, the beautiful. As you arrive, more people seem to be leaving than entering. How come you never noticed this place?

You enter and then it hits you. Sweat-drenched, filthy, disgusting, unbreathable air. Strobe lights and green laser show. And that synth lead line. You let go of your thoughts, your insomnia no longer weighs on you. But then again, there is no you, if there ever was such thing. There is no name, no place, no sense of time. You become the music. In the club with no name.

We just released this new free to download Electronic track. Use it wisely, use it for that special audience. First rule of The Club With No Name: you don’t talk about The Club With No Name.

Instrumentation is:
– synths
– electronic drums

Unobtrusive solo. No vocals. No sleep.

As always, please note the terms of use and enjoy!

Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash